Debugging WCF LOB Custom Adapters

1) Gac the assembly
Install the WCF LOB Adapter assembly in the GAC and click Run and paste the following %systemroot%\assembly\gac, navigate to the msil folder(the .net 2.0 assembly are installed here) find your assembly and copy the pdb files in to it
your assembly will be stored in the following structure

— Name of the assembly
— public key token
— .dll file (copy the pdb files here)

in order to automate the process you might want to create a bat file or add a post build command in Visual studio.(Of course the above structure will appear only when you have gaced the assembly first and then create the bat file or the post build script).

So we are ready for debugging

2) Design Time
open up 2 instances of Visual studio
1st instance should contain the WCF LOB Adapter project
2nd should contain the client or biz talk project that you want to import the adapter proxy into

In the first instance attach the 2nd instance Visual studio process from the debug menu, and from the second VS instance perform Add Adapter reference for a .net client or a Add generated items for a Biz talk client.

Once done the debug point in the 1st instance of the Adapter code will be hit.

3) Run Time
Once you gaced WCF LOB Adapter assembly click F5 from your .net application
For biz talk you have to attach the Biz talk process.

and also throw in DebugView and add WCF tracing— 🙂

Note: As you do the changes to the adapter code, you have to restart Visual studio again to load the latest dll, i believe VS caches the dlls.

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