Get Start(first) Date for a week, month and quarter utility functions

Common Date Time utility functions for figuring out start (first) dates


public static DateTime GetWeekStartDate(DateTime dDate)        {
DayOfWeek day = dDate.DayOfWeek;

int days = day – DayOfWeek.Sunday;

DateTime start = dDate.AddDays(-days);

return start;



public static DateTime GetMonthStartDate(DateTime dDate)

int month = dDate.Month;
DateTime start = new DateTime(dDate.Year, month, 1);

return start;


public static DateTime GetQuarterStartDate(DateTime date)
int intQuarterNum = (date.Month – 1) / 3 + 1;

return new DateTime(date.Year, 3 * intQuarterNum – 2, 1);

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