Using BizTalkCop for BizTalk 2010 and fxcop 10.0

i had to do a qucik code review of a biztalk project, as usual downloaded biztalk cop from code plex and reazlied that it will not work with vs 2010 professional.  fxcop 1.36 only supports versions less than .net framework 3.5 and the codeplex project has been not active for a long time, tried sending a mail to the contributor but it did not help

so downloaded fxcop 10.0 this seems to be the latest version and tried using this but i ended up with few issues, i downloaded the src code of biztalk cop modified the fxcop sdk and cci assemblies and droped it into the fxcop (10.0) rules folder and download the fxcop gui and now i have code analysis working as expected.

Hopefully they update BizTalk cop on codeplex to support biztalk 2010

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