Debugging Custom BizTalk Components Using Visual Studio Extensions and few more add-ons

There are some wonderful articles on how to do debug custom BT (External assemblies, pipelines..etc.) components, for most of the cases we go through following steps.

  1. Add debug symbols
  2. Build and gac the dll
  3. Attach To Process à Shows All Process & Sessionsà Select BTSNSvc.exe (if there are more than one select all of them).

It absolutely works, but there are obviously a lot of keystrokes involved, and I am surprised that no one has automated this until now.

Announcing the release of BTS extension which will help in attaching the debugger, the following is a screen shot of the same.




As of now only the “Attach to BT” is supported, but here is the list of features coming soon

  1. Select a specific process, rather than attaching all the BTS processes
  2. Clear the Event Viewer.
  3. Restart specific host instances


Please comment if you have any ideas, we can collaborate.

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