WCF LOB adapter Metadata changes don’t reflect when you consume the adapter.

I was working the with the WCF LOB adapter and did a small change to the adapter’s operation (added another input parameter from 2 to 3), and gaced the adapter dll, then in the same VS instance i added another project and consumed thte adapter service, nothing has changed the operation still showed only 2 parameters!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Solution: Restart VS and consume the adapter again.

BizTalk Dissasembler

This is an amazing tool to have, one of my resources deleted a BizTalk Map, in came the dissasembler for Reflector and the XSLT was generated from the DLL, ufff… It did save us a lot of time(About to be deployed to PRD).

The disassembler can generate schemas, xslt, orchestartions, pipelines etc…

its a must have for every BizTalk Devloper out there.